Friday, June 8, 2007

Counting Down

In 726 days, I will be 40 years old.

When I was 18 I didn't believe I would make it past 30 (which seemed so incredibly old at the time). Yet, I am still here, and seemingly at another crossroad in what has appeared an incessantly interrupted life. At 18 I had a plan, by the age of 22 that plan was interrupted by a surprise pregnancy and subsequent marriage to the father of the child. When my beautiful daughter was born I made another plan, which was then interrupted by a myriad of maritial issues. At 30, I split from the husband, moved to Arizona and began a new plan - and this one lasted almost 7 years. 7 long years of corporate ladder climbing with 10 hour work days and little time for anything outside of work. So I interrupted the plan by bowing gracefully out of the job, and creating my own company.

So, the new plan is in place - complete with shorter work hours, and a feeling of freedom that I have not experienced since I was still young and naive. Balancing that freeing feeling is the everpresent cloud of financial doom that lingers over my head while I struggle with the loss of a steady paycheck and all of the benefits that come with corporate life.

I've been an avid reader of many blogs over the past several years, albiet a silent stalker. I've decided to "come out of the dark" to some, and will offer some linkylove soon to those that I have visited regularly. If in turn, those come to view my blog they will likely realize that as a true Gemini - my posts will vary greatly in content - from business woes, to having a teenager woes, to occasional political outbursts and I imagine some serious venting at some of the wrongs of the world. But they will also come away with the knowledge that no matter what happens, I am an eternal optimist. I know and believe with every fiber of my being that I can make a small difference in the lives of those around me. Whether it is winning battles with the school that my daughter attends, finding some semblance of good in the news of the day, creating a successful business or just finding peace in the everyday trials - I will succeed in fulfilling this new plan, and hopefully there are a few of you out there that can laugh at the pitfalls and applaud the win's as I move forward.

726 days - and at 40 I will have succeeded in the three things that I want most out of life for myself and my family - we will be healthy (there are several post's in that one), wealthy (no - not going for Bill Gates here, just would like to pay the electric bills before the shut off notices arrive in the mail), and wise. I don't think I'm asking too much of the universe for those three things....but know it will take a great deal on my part to achieve them all.

Wish me luck!

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MonkeyGirl said...

Welcome! I look forward to lurking on the outskirts of your life....